All In One Software For The Savvy Amazon Seller

A powerful tool to quickly research and track Amazon listings using search terms, ASIN or UPC, in bulk or in single mode, as well as a streamlined purchasing workflow, replenishment analytics, supplier center, and a B2B marketplace

Research Features

Easily research and filter products for enhanced purchasing

Single Mode

Instantly view comprehensive data on any Amazon product, in our single product mode. AsinScout returns deep data on the product, with up to date information and graphs, along with cost and profit calculations.

Product Tracking

Track your own FBA or FBM inventory, for live and historic sales ranks, buy box prices, and number of sellers on each listing, along with a visual graph to instantly see each listing’s health.


Complete your homework on the sourcing of your products all in one place. Keep track of a product’s research results with a simple click of a button, which will add it to your personal wishlist.

Bulk Mode

Upload your wholesale lists by search term, UPC, ISBN, EAN, or ASIN. Optionally include the costs, and then get accurate results directly from Amazon’s API, along with a detailed profit breakdown.

Unlimited Research

Unlimited product searches with no need to worry about expiring credits or unnecessary wasted searches. Asin Scout allows you to source your products with peace of mind.

Intuitive Design

A powerful yet simple to use app. Upload Excel files without having to use complicated formulas to add leading zeros or remove dashes. Web based software, source on any computer or device with an internet connection.

Tracking Features

Daily tracking for a variety of informational changes


Detailed alerts which are updated daily, for any changes in the various tracked items. Easily filterable by category type, with quick links to the main data for each item on its tracking page.

FBA Inventory

For all of your items in your Amazon catalog, we retrieve daily and display the fulfillable and inbound FBA inventory levels. This is particularly useful in the replenishment metrics.

Visual Graph

For all items actively tracked, you can see a detailed graph for all 5 metrics tracked: sales rank, buy box price, number of sellers, FBA fees, and the Amazon referral fee percentage.

Multiple Categories

See differences in the the following categories: increase or decrease from your desired values for: buy box, sales rank, number of sellers, fba fees, referral fees, and buy box ownership.

FBA Fees Change

For all of your tracked items we monitor the would be FBA fees, as it would be displayed in the FBA calculator. This Amazon fee stems from the latest product dimensions and weight.

Sales Data

See your last 7, 14, and 30 days quantity sold for each item in your Amazon catalog. This is for all items, even if they are not actively being tracked, and easily filter within quantity ranges.

Replenishment Features

Comprehensive software to simplify your purchasing


Easily group your items by supplier or group, so that you can quickly reference them and segregate them according to your preferences and needs, by creating an unlimited number of suppliers or groups.

Unlimited Records

Keep track of your entire purchase order history and data, even for items that are no longer active in your supplier or group list, and there is no limit to the number of purchase orders you can keep.

Import / Export

Painlessly download the replenishment data for further optional usage, as well as upload data in bulk in order to save your team time and allowing for faster data entry into our software.

Purchase Orders

Add specific items to a purchase order with the desired quantity, and download the compiled purchase order to send to your supplier or manufacturer, simplified with their unique SKU and quantities.

One Click

Interconnected with the research module allows you to add lucrative items that were culled from your research directly to a purchase order, and save time by doing so directly from the research tool.

Amazon Items

Quickly research your own items already listed and selling on your Amazon account, and easily research a specific list of items, and reorder based off of profit, sales, and quantity metrics.

Marketplace Features

An enhanced and streamlined B2B marketplace

List Quickly

You can list any Amazon item with minimal data entry, and showcase your product to other interested merchants that would like to purchase your product at a discounted rate and then sell those items at a profit.

Personalized Storefront

Each merchant has the option of showcasing their products with a link to their own storefront, which will filter all of the items in the marketplace to only display that merchant’s products.

Beautiful Design

The marketplace is at once intuitive and feature rich, as interested visitors can easily browse for listings, contact merchants, sort and filter, search, get important metrics, and more, all in one venue.

Buyer Communication

A merchant interested in your product, can easily communicate directly to you within your product’s detail page, and you will get emailed directly and will be able to communicate further with them.

Listings Manager

Each merchant can easily maintain each listing and quickly edit or delete a listing, as prices, quantity, availability, or other conditions change, you can modify your listing in a few easy clicks.

No Commission

For products that you list and sell on the marketplace, you will not be charged any commission, nor are there any other per listing or per sale fee, outside of your AsinScout inclusive monthly subscription.

Our talented development team does not settle for anything less than perfection. We are constantly reevaluating current workflows and looking to enhance the user experience as much as possible. If you’d like to see a specific enhancement, please let us know.

AsinScout is packed with features, from replenishment, to deep research, to B2B marketplace, and more, we have filled our software with many different use cases in order to streamline purchasing. If there are features that you’d like to see added, feel free to contact us and we will try to accommodate.

We take customer support very seriously, and we look forward to getting to know your company and working with your team for detailed training if need be, or if your team would like to discuss possible unique use cases and see where our team can assist with. Feel free to contact us, and we will respond to you quickly.

1.  Internet connection – any speed is fine, however a faster speed is recommended for a better user experience.
2.  Web browser – any browser will work, however using Google chrome will give the best experience for most websites and web apps, including ours.
3.  Amazon professional selling account – this allows you to connect your account with our software via the Merchant Web Services API. Nearly all professional software solutions catering to Amazon sellers will need to connect via a MWS connection, and AsinScout works the same way. You can see more information on connecting via MWS in our FAQ section (


The reason why AsinScout users need MWS credentials is because Amazon places a throttling limit (how many products can be queried and retrieved) per hour, so if all our users were using the same single account, then there would often be bottlenecks and wait times while the limit is reset and the queued users move up in the line. Therefore, we require each user to have their own MWS keys so that we can immediately begin returning data from their list as soon as they import it, and not be delayed by other users activities.

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$39per month

  • Single Research – Unlimited
  • Bulk Research – Unlimited
  • Tracked Products – 100 Active
  • Marketplace Listings – 50 Active
  • Custom Alerts – Unlimited
  • Stored Wishlist – Unlimited
  • Suppliers/Groups – Unlimited
  • Purchase Orders – 100 Active
  • Sales & FBA Metrics – Unlimited


$99per month

  • Single Research – Unlimited
  • Bulk Research – Unlimited
  • Tracked Products – 1,000 Active
  • Marketplace Listings – 500 Active
  • Custom Alerts – Unlimited
  • Stored Wishlist – Unlimited
  • Suppliers/Groups – Unlimited
  • Purchase Orders – Unlimited
  • Sales & FBA Metrics – Unlimited

Affordably Scout
Amazon Listings
In Bulk Or Single
Mode Today

Asinscout allows you to research Amazon listings, either in bulk or in single mode. The built in powerful features, have made this research tool a popular solution to many sellers that are researching various Amazon listings. AsinScout is especially useful in easily researching your supplier’s list of items for sale.

By directly querying Amazon’s database via several MWS API, our software can research the list of items, far faster and more accurately than by manually researching it yourself.

Our easy to use software returns many data points for your research needs. Our team is standing by ready to assist you and to listen to your suggestions for new and enhanced features

9 Different Ways To Utilize AsinScout

Consider which of these features can assist your business today


Supplier Lists

Utilize the Bulk Research feature to quickly research an entire list from your supplier, and AsinScout will do all of the heavy lifting and return comprehensive information for you to easily determine profitable products to sell.


Each Item's Sales

AsinScout displays your sales metrics as quantity sold in the past 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days. You can view this information on the Products & Tracking page, as well as export this data to an Excel sheet for further viewing.


Constant Product Tracking

Users can optionally track any of their products, or any other item that is sold on Amazon, as to the number of sellers, buy box price, sales rank, and get alerted when there are changes, also useful for detecting hijackers.


Advanced B2B Marketplace

Our marketplace is an advanced tool for sellers to list their unwanted merchandise for other merchants to purchase. The marketplace is packed with features and metrics, and updates dozens of time per day.


Useful Replenishment Stats

Since we calculate the number of units sold, as well as current fulfillable and inbound to FBA, we are able to provide a simple but useful replenishment metric for each item, and display the quantity of each item to be replenished.


Comprehensive Supplier Center

Utilize the Supplier Center in our software, and keep track of what to order from which supplier, along with costs, UPC codes, supplier numbers, different costs for the same item from different suppliers, and far more.


Streamlined Task Management

Once notes are added, you can view them on any page in this section, and you can quickly search and locate a specific note. Each note will contain the following: image, description, timestamp, and the note itself. This has very useful benefits to your regular workflow, for example: replenishment, quality, tasks, feedback, etc.


Daily Fee Change Tracking

For the items that are set to track the FBA fees change, we monitor any change as would appear in the FBA calculator, which is based on the product dimensions and weight. The daily changes can be emailed to you as well.


Visual Sales Trends

The purpose is to give visual insight and overview of the many different products within your Amazon catalog as to how they are trending. There are versatile filters, recent sales and FBA data, trending indicators, and quick links. This is widely considered on one of the most useful features of our entire package.


Answers To Common Questions

AsinScout saves you hours of work that involves product research or reordering. Whether you get lists from your suppliers for products that you can purchase, or if you need to reorder items already listed and selling on Amazon, then AsinScout is for you, as it will save you much time and effort each time you use the software.

Another way this can benefit you is to quickly see the sales rank, buy box, number of sellers, FBA fees, estimated monthly storage fee, etc. on your own listed items.

Additionally, AsinScout determines the quantity shipped in both FBA and FBM in the past 7, 14, and 30 days, as well as displaying your FBA fulfillable and inbound quantities. Even if you do not need to currently research or reorder, it is a great tool to instantly see how your items are performing.

The marketplace is another reason how AsinScout will benefit you, as you will be able to list items that you would like to sell to other merchants, and you can do so in an advanced and streamlined B2B marketplace.

Very fast. You can process up to 18,000 ASINs or UPC codes per hour. A list of 300 takes on average of one minute research time.

No. The only fee is a monthly charge of the plan you subscribe to, for current subscribers our plans range between $39 to $99 per month outside of our free tier.

Of course. AsinScout has a comprehensive and advanced on screen sort / filter capability, so that you do not need to constantly export the data to Excel, although you can easily export the data should you choose to do so.

AsinScout is a web app in which you can utilize from any computer or device with internet access. Simply go to and login to your account.

AsinScout programmatically adds any lost leading zeroes of UPC codes during import, without any effort from the user.

AsinScout returns deep available product information, such as:

  • FBA Fees
  • Estimated Monthly Storage
  • Number of sellers (New: 3, Used: 2, Total Sellers: 5)
  • Buy box
  • Sales rank across all available categories
  • Model number
  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • And far more

Sure. The profit metrics are based off of the current buy box price. However, you can easily edit the buy box field within AsinScout and instantly see the updated FBA fees and profit if you were to list it at that price point.

For paid plans we retrieve the sales of the past 30 days as well as current FBA fulfillable and inbound quantities for each item. This way we are able to display sales for the past 7, 14, and 30 days for each item, as well as give a basic replenishment forecast metric based on sales history and FBA inventory.

Unfortunately not, as Amazon does not provide that information via their MWS API datapoints. Although there are 3 other ways to gather that data (such as scraping), our software does not do so, since it is against Amazon’s terms of service.

Yes. Our software syncs with your Amazon account via the MWS API, so that your account is not limited by other users activity, since Amazon places a limit of 18,000 records per hour.

Yes. Additionally, after a subscription we also offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Should you be less than 100% satisfied with our software, simply contact us within 30 days of sign up, and we will cancel your account and refund your payment.

You have two options, the quick way and the slower way.

Option 1 – The quick method is to simply click here, and this will open up your seller central account and automatically add the necessary integration information, and then you would simply need to copy and paste the Seller ID and MWS Token into AsinScout.

And that’s it, you’re done.



Option 2 – The more involved method is below:

If you don’t already have a MWS account, you can sign up for free by clicking here or by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:

For American Amazon Marketplaces:

For European Amazon Marketplaces:

1) Click on the “Sign up for MWS” button, as seen in the screenshot below:

2) >Enter your Seller Central Login information:

3) Select “I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS” (last option as seen in the screenshot below)

The Developer’s Name is AsinScout

For American Amazon Marketplaces (.com, .ca, .mx) the Developer Account Number is 3194-8665-3667

For European Amazon Marketplaces (, .de, .es, .fr, .it) the Developer Account Number is 2221-1136-7883

4) Click Next.
Accept the MWS License Agreement.
Click Submit.

5) Make note of your Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token

At this point, only the Amazon marketplace. We will integrate with other marketplaces such as eBay and Walmart in the coming months.

Yes. For your payments and credit card information we use Stripe, a world renowned and extremely secure and encrypted payment gateway, which we do not have access to your actual credit card information. Your Amazon and other data is also encrypted and secured using various digital security measures.

Users are billed once a month by credit card, via our secure integration with Stripe – an internationally renowned payment gateway that safely handles your payment.

The B2B marketplace allows for subscribers to list products that others may be interested in purchasing, and the entire process is highly simplified and streamlined for all involved. The seller only needs to detail some small data points such as the quantity available, buyer’s cost, etc. and the rest of that product’s information is automatically retrieved from Amazon’s catalog.

The point of the marketplace is for perspective buyers looking to assess and purchase a product that a seller has, and is basing it off of the sales and profit data of an Amazon listing. Therefore, all marketplace listings must have an associated ASIN in order for the data to be retrieved automatically.

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